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Tex’s Smoke’n’Chews have been created as a safe chew toy alternative to “real” pork bones.

Pork bones are processed and smoked in varied environments and temperatures that lead to the bones being dry and brittle. This makes the bones more susceptible to splintering after ingestion which can cause serious injury and even death.

Research done by the (“FDA”) has confirmed the negative effects from the dangers of ingesting “real” pork bones. We decided enough was enough. We have created a line of alternative chew toys that are safe, enjoyable and have the same hickory smoke flavor and resemblance to “real” pork bones. Our premium line of chew toys comes without the dangerous potential harm to your best friend.

Tex’s Smoke’n’Chews, the SAFE alternative to Pork Bones.

 Our Story

We are a family owned company dedicated to bringing both SAFE and innovative products to life. Our goal is in advancing the well-being and happiness of dogs and cats of all sizes and shapes.

Safety first is the guiding force behind all of our products. We believe in earning the trust of the pet community as we build lasting relationships with the consumers and users of our products. We achieve that trust by utilizing the best materials available as well as being an ambassador for SAFE pet products.

The authenticity of our beliefs encourages us to act with integrity at all times, respecting the self-worth of each customer. We are making the extra effort to use our skills and resources in providing SAFE, interactive, and enjoyable pet products.

Our commitment to you is safety for your pet with every product we develop.

 CABO Holdings, LLC


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